Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Am I right or wrong?

Every person while doing one or another thing is very conscious about what he or she is doing. We all want to perform in a way what people around us call acceptable. These acceptable standards of doing a thing, of living as an individual keeps pulling us; it's like the gravitational pull of a earth. In these past few months, I became a silent observer of this behavior that phenomenally binds a person's freedom to be what he or she could be.

Am I right or wrong? Should I do this or not? Is it good or bad? These are gruesome questions that consume a hell lot of time of an individual. Some people can never come out of this and become a captive, a victim of these questions. Some people are afraid to come out of their comfort zone and these questions are an easy answer and excuses to give. Most convicts, criminals as defined by the laws and social norms try to justify their actions in relation to their perception on these very grounds. But people in their normal walks of life often fail to exploit their potentials; explore their own self because of these very questions.

Right or wrong, good or bad are very relative terms. Every individual without harming others has the full right to exercise their freedom to choose what they feel is right than accepting the righteousness imposed by others. I recently went with a friend for lunch. The African people sitting opposite to our table were taking some bottles of beer. My friend suddenly began to ask me  if it was right to drink. He is a post graduate fellow brought up  in a Brahman( a caste in Hindu religion) family that forbids drinking. I was taken by surprise when he asked me if it was justifiable to drink as our body needs alcohol too to a certain amount. I finally ordered a beer for him. He drank and he was happy. The person I am talking about is always confused; he often stays back because of the fear of being wrong.

Life as we all know comes once. Do net let others define our choices. We stumble, we do fumble and fail, we will make mistakes but until and unless we do not commit mistakes , we will never learn. Keep the opinions and judgement of  society and the people around you at bay and undertake the journey that you always wanted to take. Discover yourself by choosing your own path. The path you choose will pave its own righteous reasons for others.
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