Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Karma- Sutra

So many books have been written, articles published and undoubtedly thousands of influential speakers, inspirational leaders have talked about this. This is not a new topic I am discussing here. You might even wonder what is there that have been left to be discussed about on a topic as vague as "Karma" from an amateur writer. My urge to write on the topic grew strong as I began to see people moving without a sense of direction.

"Karma" in a simple word is an action. Just as we all have read in science textbooks in our school days, each action has an equal and opposite reaction. Thus every being on earth goes through the cause and effect cycle of their deeds as long as they survive. In Hindu mythologies, "Karma" uncovers a being's previous lives and their repercussion on their future lives. "Karma" for this post I am discussing is a karmic sadhana. Yes, I am talking with you all about each individuals day to day lives unlike the ascetic discipline and faith that sadhana evolves around.

From the biggest corporate honchos to the social businesses suffer from the ailment of karma at the present date. There is some news of demeaning actions by admired stakeholders of the societies at every nook and cranny of the globe. "Karma" as an unwavering faith on doing things responsibly and honestly have become an uncommon practice. I would not be surprised if someone says civilization does not exist, what does exists are their skeletons.

Is it so hard to practice honesty? Is it so hard to live together peacefully? Is it so hard to compete fairly? No. Nobody has ever tried to do it as a result of which common things discussed in every religion, in every philosophy has become uncommon today. People live to be presentable to others. " Fake-ism" persists while people resist their true self to come out.

The sutra or the formula to live a blissful life requires living it with honesty, passion and faith. It is all about nurturing the natural characters that we see everyday that animals like Dogs, Birds, elephants etc possess. "Karma- sutra" is all about living with your true self every moment. Life would become peaceful and blissful for everyone if each were to follow the simple characters of integrity, honesty, faith, consistence and devotion.

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