Thursday, June 21, 2012

The most beautiful creation

I have been thinking about the most beautiful creation on earth. I wanted to write something on the topic.The more I ponder over the subject, the more confusing it appears. I have read and heard at innumerable instances that ' People are the most beautiful creation of God'. I repeated this term again and again and yet I could not believe it. This does not mean people are not beautiful or my perception about people have become something else. My focus suddenly changed from people to God. This letter word "GOD", who created this term ?

I do not know if God exists but I believe in God as an unknown entity who is behind all the creations.Since nobody has been able to identify with the cause of creation of this magnificent earth, the universe ; I bestow this term 'God' to that unknown reason behind it.

I have never understood religion.Whenever someone says 'God', they immediately attach it to religion. Suddenly, this beautiful word 'God' used to appear gruesome, unstable.powerless, frightful to me. I once read a friend's status in facebook ,"God is the greatest lie to humanity". Is God a lie?

I can with my head held high, with my undaunting pride cry aloud to the world that "God" is the most beautiful creation on earth. No beings, no substance, no feeling appear as beautiful as "God".

Religion for me is an attempt of the humans with lust for power to rule.When the term God came into existence, stories were built upon it. These stories were different according to the people, the geography, their way of living and so on. So the shape,size, colour, nature and nurturing the beliefs on God became different. Therefore, people in different places had different Gods. I believe that those storytellers and their bastions suddenly found a reason to be superior than those who merely heard them with interest and reverence.So they divided these different Gods into religions. This division was not enough to rule. The caste and traditions came into existence to help them establish their norms. Every country's history therefore has 'priests' as the agent of power. It holds equally true at present time as well.

God is such an irresistible word. Every human is so accustomed to it. It has an aroma that suddenly brings peace of mind, stirs ones thought patterns, instills hope in the hopeless; courage to the fearful and has at many instances discouraged much evil on earth.

Detach "God" from religion and all the walls between people will fall down. The mankind will come into unison. The world will become free of almost all the evils caused by religion in the name of God.

"God" is above all the most beautiful creation.