Wednesday, July 13, 2011

This day i Celebrate.....

"Bhanu Jayanti" has always been a festival for me.I celebrate this day every year with more enthusiasm and joy.This year also i am more than happy with the increasing readers and writers in the Nepali literature.Like every other past celebrations, this year too, i wrote a poem dedicated to him,our first poet, Bhanu Bhakta Acharya.Every year at this day, i garner a different experience.

I always wait for this day with impatience because i have a story to tell.I was a shy guy with a greater inferiority complex than other peope i have met till date.I was even afraid to ask for the permission to go to toilet with my teacher forget about asking questions and communicating with them.I have never in my life shared my feelings with anyone although they are reflected in my writings. It was a far cry for me.But i used to read a lot of novels.The first novel i read was at the age of nine.It was "Kumari Shova", and author is "Ramesh Bikal", if i am not wrong.After that there is no looking back to my reading habit.I would read all day and night  when it came to novels. Do not assume that i am studious student. I hated text books. After i finished reading a book, i used to write a story or a poem that novel would inspire me to.

One evening,a day before Bhanu Jayanti,we were playing in the rain water splashing mud at each other with gum boots beside our hostel. My Nepali teacher, Kumar Parajuli called me. I was summoned to the Nepali Department Head's Office.Dhurba Basyal sir was the department head. He looked at me with awe and asked Kumar sir," Can this guy handle this program for whole day single handedly?" I was freaking out with fear and nervousness. A smokey heat went down my spine and blood pressure went up. I was in red and blues.My teacher with such calmness, confidence and poise reiterated that i am the best candidate to master the ceremony.I didn't know what to do.So, I prepared the list of to do's during my study hour.That night was a special night because for the first and last time in my life,i worked so hard. I praticed in the bathroom till 11 O'clock.When i was planning to retire to bed, i saw one of my fren coming through a dorm.He had a huge smile in his face when he saw me. Let's get down and run after jackels, it will freshen you up and boost your confidence.So, we went down with pebbles to run after jackels that used to cry out all through night in the peripheri of our hostels.During that campaign all i had to do was cry out loud ,"It will be the best day".

The day came and the day ended also.It indeed was my day.Can you imagine the mass i was facing?This day used to be one of the biggest one day festival at Birendra Sainik Awasiya Mahavidyalaya after Annual day.The day had witnessed guests like Natikaji, Shila Bahadur Moktan and other famous people in it's past.The audience in front of me was apporximately one thousand in numbers.Every teacher lauded me and patted me.That was when i learnt it is okay to speak out.There is nothing to loose.Speak out from your heart and people will listen to you.From that day on,I never had to look back at that poor, helpless child in me.That is why,this day, i celebrate the most for being the real me................. 

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  1. i was typing 'kumar parajuli nepali teacher' in google and ur blog came first!!!!!!!!!! wow accidental discovery!!!! ;)


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