Thursday, July 11, 2013

Being me

Many years back,in my school days at a farewell program, I danced. Nobody called me on stage but I went up and danced. People who witnessed that still call it one crazy stuff that I did. I told stories, some from the books I read, some were spontaneous creation of my crazy mind but I am not a good story teller. My parents spent all their life on bringing me up, their savings for educating me but I am not a good student either. What am I doing with my life then? Nothing. Is that supposed to be good answer?

I am good at being me. This “me” is a very loaded subject. To be oneself is the most difficult job. I have failed to meet expectations of lot of people around me. While saying so, I am happy because as an average person I am sincere at what I do; tell stories, live with commitment to people around me, love them sincerely. I do not have an American dream so many youths of country like mine but I have my own dream. My dream is to be me. Share my stories, teach people to love sincerely, appreciate what they have and live in the present.

I live in dreams. I am a day dreamer. How can I teach others to live in the present when I am living in Illusion of past and future? Its simple. As people often say, a person teaches out of his failures. My failures in relationships, love, academics have taught me and this is what I am best at sharing with other people. I may not have my love by my side but I am telling you to believe in love, fall in love. A girl once told me, she no more believes in love after her boyfriend deserted her. My girl also ditched me. Its painful but I firmly believe in Love. I have failed in meeting expectations but I keep trying sincerely. This is me and this matters the most to people who love me.  who believe in me.

There are so many things going around us. As I play with the Kids in the neighbourhood, I often wonder what will happen to these Kids as they grow up. Their innocence, their laughter, their mischiefs, their sincerity. The world will miss them as they come of age. The spark that I saw in those eyes will be lost very soon. As I said earlier, these so many things are the societies we live in, the religious dogmas we faithfully perform, the social rituals, the dos and don’ts and the list goes on. But I have been me all the while.

So, be yourself. That’s all I have to say. The Life is best lived at the moment. Stop looking at the other side of the river to be happy. Stop postponing your dreams. Dream. Keep dreaming because my day dreams inspires me to live.

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