Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My way of talking recent issues: India

The Government of India recently opened up its economy  to few sectors   for foreign investment. There was a huge political outcry. The opposition party and the critical allies of the Government with likes of  Mamata Banerjee  came into the spotlight.The move of the cabinet made headlines in leading newspapers. Economists and corporate honchos equally wrote with creative enthusiasm on the aftermath effect of the policy reforms on few sectors. But the major part of discourse these diaspora should have been doing is discussing on the directional change of the Indian economy. I have been hit hard by this thought for the past few days and I am dumbfounded as I am not seeing it happen.

I am not an economist. I am not an expert at what these economists, corporate heads and politicians say but my observation is not flawed either. As the cabinet announced the decision to bring certain reforms to boost the capital inflow in this growing economy, the opposition party instead of opting to go on strike could have put itself into the discourse of highlighting the underlying challenges coming forth, the economist and experts could have delimited themselves by moving a step forward into various enterprising ideas wherein the expenditure of the government could be reduced, the strategies government could take to reduce more economic barriers for every sectors of the economy rather than giving  sweet parrot passages on the reasons, pros and cons of the government move.

It was the decision of national interest. The largest democratic nation was taking a stride. The democracy is the one in which every  nook and cranny of a nation participates, is included but was it really happening?  Oppositions took it as a temporary move taken by the government to take shelter from the growing criticisms and frustration against poor governance. The economists took it as way to let in capital inflow, stabilize the fiscal deficit and so on. The b-school lecturers as in mine were in rush to finish the lecture plans, to meet the deadlines ( I wonder when will the eastern economies take initiatives for indigenous research with this kind of education system as such),  the working middle class was busy on their daily chores, the tea-vendor ( the roost of youths like me where we spend ample time over trivial matters) and the huge mass like him do not  know what government is doing other than Man Mohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi, Congress, Bha. Ja. Pa and some similar names of their local MPs.

Every country has its specific strengths and limitations. The move to cheap in constructive efforts by every stakeholders is necessary  in this huge political and economic discourse. The government in my opinion failed to create that atmosphere. As we often say it is never late to start. I hope decisions such as these would be participatory in days to come. 

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