Friday, May 11, 2012

Most Unwanted People

I do not like politics. Being a citizen of a country where politicking is an essential component for people from all walks of life; every circumstances encourages a person here to hate politics, to believe that it is a dirty game.Should I change my opinion? How would it look like if I try seeing it from a different perspective? I have been asking these questions for  few days.

The impingement of wrong political values in every spheres of Nepalese society have set forth wrong notion against politics among a  mass. We have been cheesed off by political diaspora of the country. The recent rise of bandhs( strike) and the voices coming from behind these suggest a political turmoil of a different nature. I have this inkling, if Nepal is going to be a sort of GUJARAT of India. I am getting negative vibes now.

"One of the poorest, land locked , capital locked countries of the world". To add further to the woes  of this description, a  threat of rise in the tribal/ethnic riots. 

I do not have a foggiest idea in my mind for any positive change. How do we get rid of this then? Well, let us all declare the 601 members of the constituent assembly as the " Most unwanted people of the country". 

What further can we do then? Well, get rid of everything that is hindering our progress. Throw away the government, end  the  bureaucracy and liberate the nation. By doing so, I am starting to believe that our nation will no more be landlocked or capital locked. We will not have to set targets to bring in a million tourists. We will not have to worry about poverty and unemployment.  
Nepal with an open border between India and China can clearly call an attention of the world. With a hassle free country to move about, a market that can cater to more than half of the population of the world; I wonder who would not want to invest here.

I often thought about the security of our nation. Well, with all the mighty powers settling in my land to cater to the largest market of the world. With millions of people moving in and out of my country; the presence of the international community would be too strong. I wonder, who would really dare to encroach our territory.  

We will not have state mechanism to meddle with people's affairs. No politicians to blame for the deficiencies of the market. Yes, there will be inefficiency. But we will have options to choose. Our choice; the choice of the market will correct them. Ah! what a beautiful and prosperous country Nepal would be. 

Did I say I do not like politics? Politics rule the roost of all the things we consume. But we do not need the huge number of dumb people that consume all the resources and energy . They are our biggest expenses.   Let  us  begin with the first step; declare the 601 as the " Most unwanted people " of our nation.

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