Tuesday, July 5, 2011

An end to a Chapter

They always say that one has to end the present chapter to fully unleash the new chapter . It is true with our lives also. Our life is also like the chapters of a book. To fully experience your upcoming moments, you have to end your past chapters properly, understandbly . Do not polish your past , do not add prefixes and suffixes. It will complicate your present. Be open to the fact that nothing is perfect, no one is perfect , nothing is permanent. Accept the fact that you committed mistakes, there were shortcomings and you have become more mature.This acceptance beautifies the glory of feeling and living. This helps to add full stop to your chapter at the right time.

Confused?? Do not get confused. Well, I am talking about my past life and at the same time about blogging.I am not trying to say that i will stop blogging. But the saga of stories and poems i used to write has come to an end.I cannot stop blogging, i used to do it before i was in love. I did it when i was in love . And the breakup helped a different person in me emerge. Now, it is all about me, not about someone else.

Business empires can be built from scratches. We have so many times read articles about people from scratches to riches, from rags to new empires. But it is just the opposite with life. If you are thinking of building a new life out of scratches of past, I might not be mistaken to say that you are wrong. This will only program a bad emotional guidance system in your mind. Therefore, I am ending a chapter; to start afresh.